Think In Indigo

Art by Katie M. Colburn

Feast your eyes on this! I am a local artist in Green Bay, WI making my way to your walls. See a wicked display of brilliant colorful art that provokes emotion. 

Welcome to Think In Indigo

Yooper by Day | Artist by Night

My name is Katie M. Colburn, welcome to my art site! I am a Yooper from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I enjoy being outside adventuring with my fiance and friends. Due to always being outdoors, I channel my inspiration from nature. Art has played an enormous role in my 30 years on this beautiful earth. Please look through my galleries and enjoy the strange range of my art. Here you will see a goblin core vibe and wicked displays of the woman body, to cute snails sitting on a mushroom in the sunshine. Enjoy! 

Think In Indigo Services

Custom work available by Katie M. Colburn
Originals $200 - Prints $40

My EYES series features contrasting color and provoking emotion. EYES are painted on a limited supply of ‘cheeseboard’. The combination of acrylic paints and water with this surface create a vary rare and intimate display. 

Prints are available for $40. Although they do not hold the same amount of luster as the originals, they are a less expensive way to obtain one-of-a-kind artwork by myself. 
A conversation piece dying to be on your wall.

Pet Portrait *Donation*
Starting at $15

I paint pet portraits! All proceeds from my pet portraits goes to local pet rescues. Feature your furry family member on your wall at home or in the office as a constant reminder of their glowing personality and beauty.


I create the Portrait in my own vibrant style. Send me as many photos as you want showcasing your pets attitude or favorite activities and I will create a special illustration to be loved for years to come.


Donations starting at $15 for a 5x7, 

$20 for a 8.5x11.

The more detail and larger sizes will raise your donation price.

Nature Babes Commission
Starting at $50

My Nature Babes are an intense depiction of mostly wicked female bodies with various foliage emerging out of them. The majority of this art features nipples and an artistic take on the female body.


Do you have a favorite color, element, zodiac, animal, or plant? Turn your sultry self into a unique display of your inner energy!


Commissions starting at $50. Depending on size and detail price will vary. 

Check out my album titled 'Nature Babes' to browse my work. Who knows, maybe you already exist in my realm of NATURE BABES!